Out of India: A Raj Childhood

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Michael Foss. Publisher: Michael O'Mara , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

Synopsis About this title Michael Foss divided his childhood between two worlds: the cold, grey despondent austerity of wartime Britain, and the penetrating but confusing light of India in the period between the war and the Partition that marked the end of the imperial Raj.

Review : This extraordinary book is written with genuine wit and imagination The Daily Telegraph Synopsis : Born in India in , Michael Foss' childhood was spent between the cold, grey austerity of Britian under threat, and the brightly lit and teeming vitality of wartime India. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. The contributors are drawn from all layers of a society stratihed by background and occupation, but many of them shared similar experiences, and reading about them repeatedly does bring home to the reader some of the distinctive features of life in British India, which were shared by most European children brought up there, although not all.

These were the contrasting features of a comfortable or even luxurious life-style, cushioned by numerous, well-trained servants, and acceptance as normal of phenomena like earthquakes, life-threatening diseases, prickly heat, mosquitoes, snakes, leopards and tigers, and, above all, people who were different from themselves.

Very few of the contributors to the book in fact went on to live and work in other parts of the Empire, but one who did wrote that "India made me proud to be British, and aware that history and circumstances had given us a special role in the world. The public service ethic I acquired there, plus the family tradition of imperial service, led me naturally into the Colonial Service".

However another female contributor who found herself in Britain after the Second World War instead of elsewhere in the Empire, wrote that she couldn't even boil an egg. Had her future lain in another colony instead of Britain she might have been grateful that her Indian experience had made her tolerant of heat and dust and earthquakes and snakes and people who were "different".

She, like the few who did join the Colonial Service, would not have found the exercise of authority unusual, but would have been taught to respect "different" people's various beliefs and ways of life and, in her case, would have been accustomed to speak to them in their own language.

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Unless forbidden to do so by British nannies, who were rare, many of the contributors to this book, as children, spoke Indian languages which they had picked up from doting servants as well or better than they spoke English. In order to give his book some shape, Laurence Fleming has chopped up the contributors' stories so as to set the scene, province by province, in the first volume, while the second tells how the contributors fared during the Second World War and shortly after it, with accounts of perilous voyages out to India, unaccompanied by parents, schooling in India, escaping from Burma, the Bengal famine, the last charge of the Calcutta Light Horse, father arresting Gandhi and the horrors which attended partition.

These are handsomely produced volumes with ample photographs.

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Their contents are briefly summarised on the dust jacket as 'Details of family traditions with deep roots in the Indian subcontinent, of going to school in India and Britain, of deep friendships between British and Indian children and with those who served the Raj. There are accounts of huge journeys and adventures available only in Indian childhoods.

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There is so much to be gleaned about fathers' careers, including the 'Heaven-born' - the Indian Civil Service - or members of the professional and technical services, fathers in the Army, in commerce and industry. Indian author Mahasweta Devi stopped the show with her inaugural speech at the Frankfurt Book Fair when she used these lyrics to express her own heartfelt patriotism and debt to her country.

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