Koizumi and Japanese politics : reform strategies and leadership style

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News services Your news when you want it. News Front Page. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Mr Koizumi is due to step down at the end of September. He created an image of himself that the media could catch on to.

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Mr Koizumi's eccentricities have helped him engage with the public. Mr Koizumi's shrine visits have angered countries in the region. Japan ups checks for foreigners. Fukuda to be new prime minister. Japan child numbers at record low. Gender issues key to birth rate. Kyoto Geisha. Osaka homeless. Japan country profile. Japanese prime minister.


Liberal Democratic Party. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Ghost town. The guerilla plant. We will reform the justice system in a comprehensive and intensive manner towards realizing a society where people can have easy access to judicial services anywhere in the nation.

Reform-related bills, including a bill for expeditious court proceedings with the aim of concluding the first trial within two years, will be submitted to the Diet. Harmful aspects of these systems have now become apparent as they tend to bear down on private-sector businesses and leave public burdens in the future by operating on overly optimistic demand forecasts. The fundamental policy should be to put in the hands of the private sector whatever could be done by the private sector.

Under this policy, by making a unified approach to reforms of postal services, the Fiscal Investment and Loan Program and special public institutions, we will advance reform towards a simple and efficient government of good quality. The Japan Postal Corporation will start in April. I believe that the Corporation will provide high quality services by introducing the private-sector way of management. Private enterprises will also enter into the postal service. Substantially, Japan's postal business has now made the first step towards privatization. I intend to make further reform efforts on the basis of discussions among the Japanese people.

The Fiscal Investment and Loan Program no longer has privileged access to the resources of mandatory deposits of postal savings and public pension premiums, and organizations that have obtained loans now have to find their own methods of finance. Out of a total of special public institutions and others, we already have initiated reform of organizations, including the abolition of Japan National Oil Corporation.

Based on thorough review of their operations, some will be abolished, another will be privatized, and the other will be converted into Independent Administrative Institutions. In addition, efforts will be made so that transparency is increased and strict evaluation is applied. Through these measures, the existing organizations will be transferred to ones befitting the new age. As a result of the policy announcement that the Housing Loan Corporation will be abolished and new housing loans provided by the corporation will be scaled back, private-sector financial institutions have come up with many new, access-friendly housing loan products.

As for the privatization of the four road-related public corporations, under the policy of basically respecting the opinions of the Promotion Committee for Privatization, efforts will be made to give concrete shape to the reform by lowering cost of construction and by making a distinction between roads to be constructed by the proposed new corporations and roads to be built by tax revenue.

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We will make good use of government financial institutions for the time being to ensure smooth financing for small and medium enterprises. After scrutiny of the necessary functions as the Government while monitoring the progress in normalization of the financial functions in the private sector, we will boldly reorganize and integrate these institutions. I believe these reforms in the public sector will facilitate reforms of the fiscal structure, the economic structure and the financial system, thus leading to the creation of substantial benefits in the future.

Reform of the Public Servant System will be materialized in order to create an environment in which government employees as the servants for the entire population can devote themselves to administration with morale and sense of mission. The entire Government will make efforts towards increasing the retirement age of the executive public servants, thus correcting the negative aspects of so-called "amakudari" personnel administration the re-employment of retired public servants in the private sector.

We will also lower retirement allowances of public servants in line with the actual circumstances at private-sector firms. Concerning the relationship between the central and local governments, an initial step is earmarked under the fiscal budget. Based on the principle of "leaving to local governments what can be done by local governments," a reform plan in trinity for the allocation of financial resources, including state subsidies, local allocation taxes and the transfer of tax sources to local governments will be compiled by June as a targeted completion period.

We will further promote mergers of cities, towns and villages.

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People's Trust in Politics People's trust in politics is the very basis of reform. We take seriously the series of recent scandals related to political funds, including the court conviction of an incumbent Diet member for influence-peddling and the case of political donations accused of a violation of the Public Office Election Law.

Given that in the previous regular session of the Diet, the revised law providing punishment for politicians who receive compensation for acting as go-betweens in arrangements between private parties and public officials as well as the law for the prevention of collusive bidding at the initiative of the Government agencies were passed, each and every politician should act with propriety under the law, so that he or she does not betray the trust of the people. I also intend to take a firm stance towards ensuring political neutrality of public servants. Masatoshi Koshiba and Mr.

Koichi Tanaka was a wonderful event that encouraged the people of Japan. Last year, there were other awards in which Japanese earned global acclaim. Sumio Iijima, who discovered the carbon nanotube, and Mr. Shuji Nakamura, who first put the blue light-emitting diode LED into practical use, were awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal, often referred to as "a gateway" to the Nobel Prize.

Koji Nakanishi was honoured with the King Faisal International Prize, also known as "the Arab Nobel Prize," for his research in biologically-active natural products. Tadao Ando, an architect, was the recipient of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the highest honour bestowed by the Institute. Such deeds go beyond scientific and technological fields. Under a severe business environment characterized by surging imports, three enterprises located in Imabari City, a center of towel production, were honored with grand prizes of international exhibitions held in the United States in recognition of their product planning savoir-faire.

Two Japanese women, Ms. Chie Imai and Ms. As such, Japan has been highly esteemed.

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  6. Through the efforts of the entire Government, policy directions have been shown in key areas for the rebirth of Japan, such as science and technology, biotechnology, intellectual property, information technology IT , urban renaissance, and special zones for structural reform. We will continue to steadily support the challengers in various areas.

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    Science and Technology, and Environment While maintaining strict curbs on general expenditure for FY, in order to achieve "a nation built on the platform of scientific and technological creativity," the budget for the promotion of science and technology is to be increased by 3. Support for new technologies will lead to promotion of new industries. The number of venture enterprises in the field of biotechnology has been increasing rapidly and by the end of last year their number had exceeded Decoding of the rice genome was completed in December under Japanese initiative.

    The public and private sector will unite in developing biotechnology. With the aim of establishing Japan as a nation built on the platform of intellectual property, we will enhance measures such as speeding up patent examinations, reform of the justice system in the area of patents, and reinforced measures against counterfeit and pirated copies. No time should be wasted in responding to the global warming. It is imperative that central and local governments, enterprises and the people tackle structural reform towards building a "society that exits from inducing global warming".

    The key to this is "coexistence of environment and the economy". We will promote world-leading environmental industries by promoting the utilization of science and technology. We will promote cultivation of healthy, diverse forests to absorb carbon dioxide emissions. We will make utmost efforts towards the early effectuation of the Kyoto Protocol and the formulation of a set of common rules in which all countries will participate. Moreover, the Government last year adopted as official vehicles the first fuel cell vehicles in the world FCV to be released on the market.

    Usage of fuel cell vehicles will be promoted through a full review of the regulations. The world's strictest emission regulations on diesel vehicles will be implemented in FY At the same time, measures will be taken to support the development and dissemination of next-generation low-emission vehicles and fuels.

    Since assuming office, I have pursued the realization of a "zero waste" society. Various recycling systems for food, construction materials and vehicles have already been put in place. From now on, while showing a path towards creating a recycling society, we will take measures with the aim of eliminating illegal waste disposal. The disposal and recycling of waste will be further promoted through streamlining the system for disposing of computers, of which 3.

    As a first-hand effort, recycling of raw garbage in canteens of Ministries and Agencies of the central government are underway. The public sector spanning from the Government will adopt environmental-friendly biomass products, such as eating utensils made from corn, with the aim of bringing them into people's daily lives.