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ओशो के छोटे भाई ओशो शैलेंद्र से जाने ओशो के जीवन का असल रहस्य ओशो क्यों जाते थे रात 12 बजे शमशान

He speaks to us directly, vibrantly, and His very presence is a fire which finds an ember smouldering deep within each of our souls. He was poor, but rich in his generosity.

There are no ripples on its surface. He was always making pan, and the whole day long he oxho chew it.

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These first two series are contained in a single volume called Notes of a Madman. I chose my mother and my father. He tells of those enlightened Masters who recognized His potential and helped Him survive His hazardous first years. Perhaps there was some Greek blood in her; no race can claim purity.

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Now he began to unveil a rare and wondrous gift to his disciples and to the world. The book is simply wonderful. Your browser does not support iframes. I did not realize your depth in illness Until the fragments your vision left You weak and motionless in a hospital While snow whirled outside your sterile window. The brightness in your chocolate brown eyes paled To dry, still marbles on a fading face. I could barely recognize you under A silhouette of copper skin color. I sat and watched nurses walk in and out. Mom sat by the window and prayed but doubt Streamed from her eyes, staining salt on her cheeks.

I choked out to ask if you could see me.

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Only your heart monitor responded With the hummed sound of your faltering chest. If you had not shown me the beauty in The dazzling winter world you created, I would have never learned how to find you In the winter world that you introduced.

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall return. We whispered softly as we buried you Just a week before November was through.

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Your sweetened soul continues to see Even after leaving this zindagi. How long have her words escaped from her lips? And warmth in the touch of her fingertips? Her age is just but one indication Of departure from youth, strength of wisdom. A photograph of her from sixty-nine, Reveals a fuller nose and stronger hands, Glossy, tight, braids pushed out behind her ears, And mocha lips lining a toothy grin. The crease that sweeps her hollow cheek is young. She blinks and barely seems to bear the sun.

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Her face is sour and slumped and drips its joy, Onto my mother, who will one day—too— Pass this beauty to me in passing time Sadly, it seems as though all mothers will. Noor is passionate about the intersection of identity, politics, diaspora, and social justice--these topics are omnipresent throughout her poetry. How can an event be at once ordinary and extraordinary, simultaneously decisive and indecisive?

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