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She knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age, but wasn't published util , with her book "Beyond the Blue Mountains. In the early 70's, Burford Hibbert added another pseudonym to her repetoire, writing the first volume of her "St.

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Bruno" series under the name Philippa Carr. She was still writing historical fiction under the name of Victoria Holt as well as yet another pseudonym, Jean Plaidy. She used the pseudonyms Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate as well, although she did not write as much under those names. She wrote over hundred novels during her writing career.

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I did laugh a few times despite never knowing what people were saying. The closing and opening of cabinet doors to mark the passage of some twenty years was quite elegant.

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All in all, this was an enjoyable trifle. The basic elements are all there, but the film struggles to find feeling and expression on them. A family drama with Fernando Soler playing a man who catches his wife cheating on him, is told that their daughter isn't his, and then promptly kicks his wife out of the house and dumps the baby at some random family's doorstep. His sense of humor makes some of the more by the numbers bits in these films easier to take.

For example, the ending.

Daughter of Deceit (La hija del engano)

Yes, it's an absurdly happy ending, but at one point, as a way to atone for being such a prick, Solar bends over and tells one of his employees to give him a hard kick in the ass. I recommend this for Bunuel completists, but maybe not a casual fan. Daughter of Deceit. Carlos Savage.

Ana Guerrero. Studio Ultramar Films.

Daughter of Deceit by Victoria Holt (1991, Hardcover)

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"Death by Deceit: The Killing of Dee Dee Blancharde"

In the drama, a father, firmly believing that the baby daughter in his arms is not his own, abandons her upon the doorstep of the town drunk. Many years pass, and the man finds himself continually wracked with guilt about deserting her. He begins looking for her. He finds that she has grown up to be happily married.

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She is also pregnant. Alicia Caro as Martha. Fernando Soler as Quintin Guzman. Fernando "Mantequilla" Soto as Angelito.

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