Creative Destruction: How Globalization Is Changing the Worlds Cultures

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Cross-cultural exchanges, Cowen points out, increase diversity within cultures, while at the same time decreasing diversity among cultures. Using the example above, when Chinese add American pop music to their cultural mix, they now enjoy a wider range of choices. However, in doing so, the difference between Chinese and American cultures decreases.

That bothers some cultural "purists," who think it akin to species extinction when "we" start to contaminate the "authentic" cultures in other parts of the world. Cowen treats the cultural purism with disdain.

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First, there aren't really any pure cultures. With many interesting illustrations, he demonstrates that what we may think of as authentic native cultures are the products of considerable cross-cultural exchange, usually having taken place long before people were paying attention to the phenomenon. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Read preview Overview.

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March 16, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This book could have been written in a week. It is shallow. Let me provide one example of its shallowness: The author sees value in cultures becoming more cosmopolitan.

Creative Destruction: How globalization is Changing the World's Cultures

He makes a cute argument that diversity adds to cosmopolitanism e. Then he moves on to talking about loss of national cultures.

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He acknowledges that different national cultures can add to cosmopolitanism. So I would have expected some discussion about this source of diversity in the future. If cosmopolitanism takes over there will be less diversity for cosmopolitanism to thrive on.


So does national culture need some kind of protection? I have no problem with the author taking a libertarian viewpoint, but I cannot stand the shallow reasoning. I am angry having spent time on the book.

Having said that, the author is clearly not stupid. There are interesting points in the book, if you really want to read more about the subject.

Just don't expect this book to provide much in terms of useful references. October 13, - Published on Amazon.

Creative Destruction

March 6, - Published on Amazon. July 21, - Published on Amazon.

Tyler Cowen very adeptly reminds the reader that the world's regional cultures have never been static. What we think of as "native" art is really a product of global influence on a local population. So of course it seems silly to decry globalization as homogenizing cultures, when we understand that cultures have always interacted with each other.

Indeed, what we are seeing with globalization is the increasing heterogenizing of cultures. Sure you see McDonalds almost everywhere, but you also see indigenous art from Central America, music from the Congo, movies from France, and food from India.

Creative Destruction: How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures

Tyler Cowen does not dismiss the degredation of certain cultural aspects, but he matter-of-factly points out that the alternative, protectionism, is more destructive in the long run, since creativity is stifled. February 6, - Published on Amazon. One of Cowen's central arguments is that globalization creates less diversity between cultures but more between individuals. So should we be pro individualism or pro collectivism? His last three chapters on Hollywood, Dumbing Down, and National Culture are the most memorable, and persuasive.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on Hollywood. His explanation of how modern cinema is what it is was enlightening.