Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum, No. 3)

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Stephanie, as always, forces her chin up and remains strong. With people shooting at her, torturing her and leaving her as a suspect in a homicide, she perseveres with grace.

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I blink back the threat of tears, swiped at my nose and narrowed my eyes. My car keeps stalling. The day before yesterday I threw up on Joe Morelli.

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I was called a fat cow by my ex-husband. And now you have the gall to force yourself into my home and threaten my hamster. Well, you have gone too far. You have crossed the line. There is moderate violence and a few sex moments scattered periodically throughout the book. I would not recommend this book to children or immature young adults. I will most definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great night of laughter!

Happy reading! View all 3 comments. Jan 18, sarafem rated it really liked it Shelves: , girl-detectives. Stephanie Plum makes me want to be a bounty hunter. I can't be any worse than her. Nov 25, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: bayb In this third book in the 'Stephanie Plum' series, the bounty hunter is looking for a beloved candy store owner. The book can be read as a standalone. Stephanie's responsibility is to pick up bail skips people who've missed their court dates but she's notoriously inept at the job, and gets into all kinds of comical scrapes.

Stephanie's current assignment is to brin In this third book in the 'Stephanie Plum' series, the bounty hunter is looking for a beloved candy store owner. Stephanie's current assignment is to bring in popular candy store owner Mo Bedemier known in the neighborhood as 'Uncle Mo' , who was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Weapons aren't a big deal in Trenton - where almost everyone owns a gun - so Stephanie's puzzled when she can't find Mo anywhere.

Series: Stephanie Plum

He hasn't even opened his candy shop for two days, which is unprecedented. While Stephanie's looking for Mo she discovers the bodies of dead drug dealers all over Trenton, and is threatened by vigilantes who want her to leave Mo alone.

Stephanie refuses and her continuing search results in attacks by masked men; cars being wrecked; guns going off Lula can stop a perp by sitting on them, which is useful at times. Ranger - a hot Cuban bounty hunter who taught Stephanie the trade or at least tried to. Ranger is as tough as they come, and seems able to walk through locked doors.

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Ranger's trying to get Stephanie into shape, but she'd rather eat donuts than exercise. Joe Morelli - a sexy Italian cop who's Stephanie's on-off boyfriend, and knows exactly when to show up for pizza and beer. Joe has an undercover operation going on, and wants Stephanie to stay away. Also on hand are Stephanie's family: Grandma Mazur - who likes guns, funerals, and men; her boyfriend in this story has bad dentures and a glass eye. Stephanie's Mom - who 'takes a nip' when she's anxious; Stephanie's shenanigans inspire a lot of nips.

There are a lot of laughs in this cozy mystery, including Stephanie's inadvertent orange hair; Lula's bounty hunter outfit a leather duster and cowboy hat ; a corpse protruding from Lula's Firebird; and more.

In my favorite comic scene, Stephanie is threatened by thugs in her apartment, and every middle-aged or elderly person on her floor comes to the rescue with a pistol, machine gun, meat cleaver, or metal walker. Stephanie bumbles her way to locating Uncle Mo and discovering who killed the drug dealers, and I was surprised by the book's denouement - which is darker than I expected. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable light mystery, recommended to fans of the genre. This time I was sans kids as Dad took round two to the next destination for Sunday so it was up to Stephanie Plum to keep me awake.

Luckily this was available for download since I had underestimated the length of these in audio format. No one is interested in helping Stephanie lock up their favorite candy man. I feel the same about my neighborhood candy salesman. At what point do the wheels start falling off this thing?

View 1 comment. Jul 10, Katie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Plum Fans. Book three was my favorite thus far. I rated this book four stars, because I just couldn't put it down. Ugh, sorry to be a "negative-Nancy", but am I the only the that doesn't laugh-out-loud at these books? Lula gets on my nerves even though she's a sweetheart, and Stephanie has the "oops! Don't get me wrong, I love readin Book three was my favorite thus far.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading these books and enjoy the men characters especially, but I think one of the other members of goodreads. For me, they aren't books that I think about much after I am finished with them, just ones that I enjoy during the reading process View all 7 comments. Feb 23, Gavin rated it liked it. This was another light and fun instalment of the Stephanie Plum series. An easy job on the surface given the guy is fast approaching retirement age. Unfortunately for Stephanie the whole neighbourhood loves local sweet shop owner Uncle Mo and are more interested in scolding her for harassing the poor guy than they are in helping her find him.

Elsewhere in the Burbs crime is at a low as the local criminal element seem to This was another light and fun instalment of the Stephanie Plum series.

Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum, No. 3)

Elsewhere in the Burbs crime is at a low as the local criminal element seem to be disappearing. The story was quite entertaining and had a good mix of humor and action. Stephanie always gets herself into the most crazy of situations! We got more of the Stephanie and Joe "romance" which I liked. We also got to see plenty more of both Ranger and Lula. Lula was almost as hilarious as Granny Mazur. All in all a fun read. Rating: 3. Audio Note: I seem to have warmed to C. Critt and think she did a good job with this one. Nov 30, Patrick Gibson rated it it was ok Shelves: estrogen.

Probably because they are in the Mystery section which I pass through on my way to the Science Fiction wall. But— there is always a but I am in a strange land under strange circumstances these days and Stephanie Plum has entered my life. When I first came into her house after an absence of something like 20 years I saw piles of books all over the place.

I knew everything would be alright. Until I checked out the titles.

They were all—and I mean all—mysteries. I never read murder mysteries unless written by Carl Hiaasen. The inevitable day came when I found myself without a new book to read.